"We are 900 Frenchmen"

Returning in May 1995, we struck on the idea of publishing a small booklet which would set out all the information then known on Convoy 73 and which would allow the members of our group to pay tribute in their own words to the memory of a relation or friend they had lost. Through the untiring efforts of a member of our group, this booklet became a sizeable book which was published in 1999.

The first book contains forty-eight biographies, each of which was written from the writer's memory but speaks from his heart. It is called "We are 900 Frenchmen". This sentence was found carved into the wall of a cell in the Ninth Fort in Kaunas, a testimony to sheer determination, and is one of the few traces of the passage of the 878 men of Convoy 73 through that city of such evil, a sentiment shared with the ill-fated Jewish population of Lithuania which was for the most part exterminated there.

A second volume was published in November of 2000, in order to enable other families to themselves pay tribute. Due to the huge number of testimonies, it was split in two : there are 35 tributes in volume II and 81 in volume III.

Thanks to our investigations and to minutely detailed work, new families are discovered all over the world, which want to take part to this memorial. That's why a fourth volume is currently in preparation, for which about fifty families have still contacted us.

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